Next Best Offer

Tailor-made customer service because customer satisfaction is key

The “Why”

The goal of a Next Best Offer solution is to find the ideal offer and automatically prepare appropriate offer documents for sales staff. By analyzing historical and customer data, artificial intelligence gains insights that generate the maximum benefit for all contractual partners. Sales probability and customer satisfaction increase in equal measure.

Your Benefits

+20% more contract renewals

+15% increased upselling

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35% reduced processing time

-25% increased turnover 


First, the entire portfolio must be digitized and made available for the solution. The same applies to contract data, historical data and customer behavior for analysis. In addition, the system must be able to be triggered by different events (date, customer inquiry, initiated by Sales, new offers in the portfolio, etc.). The system must then use trained AI models to recognize which offers/actions can be suggested in a specific case.

Upselling 2.0

Customer satisfaction is key. If you want to sell, you must know your customers’ needs in detail. An AI-based next-best-offer solution transforms the sales process sustainably. Supported by artificial intelligence, sales staff can react much faster and more precisely to changing circumstances and understand customers better than before. Only those who present tailored offers create real value that will be bought.

Business Value

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Longer customer loyalty
  • More resources for face-to-face meetings  
  • Customized offers  
  • Increased sales opportunities

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Industries & Fields of Application


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Always observe prices and value development. Through time-series analysis and historical data, artificial intelligence determines the appropriate extensions and changes for each portfolio.


#betriebskosten #ai_in_energy #smartpricing

Consumption, tariffs, and providers – Those who want to manage operating costs intelligently always have these aspects in view thanks to AI and can react immediately to price changes and new requirements.  


#datamanagement #customer_oriented #bestoffer

Always have an overview of active policies and include changing life circumstances of the insured. The AI-based offering of the right insurance cover at the right time for real added value.

Solution. Through Composite AI.

The solution utilizes AI models for time series analysis, Big Data processing, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) Skills. This can be used to recognize patterns in large data volumes as well as in long-term data. In parallel, the solution processes information from documents (e.g., contracts) and user input (e.g., customer emails) to intelligently match requirements with then-proposed solutions.

Skill 08
AIDataInformation Retrieval

Human Computer Interaction

Enable interaction between humans & computers in a satisfying way that likens human-to-human interaction as, for instance, in open dialogues.

Skill 17

Recommender Engine

Fully automated filter & predict in real-time which products, services, etc. may next be suggested to your customer to most likely meet their approval.

Skill 13

Secure Anonymization

Named Entity Masking (NEM) masks & safely obscures all personal data. Freely place and add to render anonymous data along your skill chain.

AIOS – The “How”

Implement the use case 5-10x faster with AIOS.

AIOS (AI Operating System) combines a variety of pre-built AI Skills into a next-best-offer generator. These AI Skills analyze different data sources and intelligently provide suggestions as a result. AIOS runs the different machine learning models and functionalities and links them to the data sources via interfaces and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI).

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