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Leftshift One thinks future technology globally, user-friendly and sustainable. 2017 marked the official founding of the high-tech company. The core team took off highly motivated to impactfully shape the early AI market with its ethical approach and development of the first “AI Operating System” (AIOS). The mission is a European solution including 100% data sovereignty and data security for customers. The ideal base for this is the strong research and development hotspot Graz – also referred to as “Mur Valley” in reference to other innovation hubs.

The core team in a nutshell

Patrick Ratheiser

CEO & Business Solutions

It always takes more courage to change a chosen path. At Leftshift One, we succeed in this “out of the box” thinking. We dare to approach problems in a different way.

Christian Weber

CTO & Artificial Intelligence

Ethical AI is needed now, rather than tomorrow. For me, Leftshift One stands for creating successful AI solutions that promote social and environmental well-being.

Stefan Schmidhofer

Vice President of AI Solutions

We put the “apply” in “applied artificial intelligence”. Using future technologies productively today is what drives us.

Michael Mair

Vice President
of Product Development

Our team embodies openness, transparency and constructive collaboration. This is how we turn solutions into win-win-win situations.

Benjamin Krenn

Vice President
of Software Development

My top priority is reliable, working software that makes our customers happy. I don’t strive for any less than that.

The Leftshift One Advisory Board and the main investors at a glance

Hermann Hauser

Founder Acorn

Renowned British-Austrian venture capitalist Hermann Hauser is one of the main investors of Leftshift One. Back in the day he also co-founded the high-tech company ARM, which is now valued at over $30 billion.

Franz Fuchsberger

Founder Tricentis

Being the co-founder of the software testing company Tricentis (first Unicorn from Austria) – its enterprise value now exceeding one billion dollars – Franz Fuchsberger accompanies Leftshift One as an experienced coach.

Herbert Gartner

Founder Sensor Dynamics

Serial entrepreneur, angel investor and eQventure co-founder Herbert Gartner supports Leftshift One with Smart Capital. His focus lies on companies in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and SaaS.

The Leftshift One Corporate Values

A stable framework for innovative ideas and open communication within an international, rapidly growing team is provided by the companies’ own values. The core team focused early on the points of “agile workflow”, the Leftshift One ethical guidelines and entrepreneurial thinking. The entire Leftshift One team is guided by these values in its cooperation with colleagues and clients throughout Europe.


Deliver fascination through service


Create fun and a little weirdness


Build open and transparent relationships


Take care of the responsibility you got

Embrace and Drive

Be open minded and change driven


Be passionate, determined and focused

Working for Leftshift One

We are constantly looking for promising talents to help us achieve our ambitious goals and to choose the right people for all Leftshift One locations accordingly. Our career section provides insights into the company culture, the Leftshift One experience and which profiles we are currently looking for.

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The Leftshift One Ethics Guidelines

An essential part of today’s Leftshift One are the ethical guidelines, which are based on European ethical laws and have become a cornerstone component of the company’s philosophy since its foundation. They are seen as inalienable and living them in every area of the company is a huge part in Leftshift One’s corporate culture. These guidelines are the core team’s personal concern, who exemplify them as leading role models and as well as a measure for their own actions.

Societal and environmental well-being

AI systems should benefit all living beings of present and future generations. Therefore, it is now necessary to ensure that they are sustainable and environmentally friendly. In addition, it should be considered that AI systems may have an impact on the environment as well. Social and societal impacts need to be taken into account.

Fairness and diversity

Unjustified bias must be avoided as it can lead to a significant negative outcome. Possible consequences include marginalisation or exacerbated prejudice against vulnerable or already discriminated groups. AI systems must therefore take into account and, if possible, include all relevant affected parties throughout its life cycle.

Responsibility and accountability

The responsibility and accountability of AI systems and the resulting outcomes must be ensured. Mechanisms that can review and evaluate algorithms, data and design processes must be in place and play a key role – especially for critical applications. In addition, an adequate legal remedy should be accessible.

Transparency and explainability

Transparency is crucial. To be transparent, data, AI systems and models should be traceable. The AI systems and their decisions should be explanatory according to the stakeholder’s interests. Humans need to be aware of the possibilities and especially the limitations and consequences of AI systems when interacting with them.

Protection of privacy and security

Full respect for privacy and data protection must be ensured. Further, it is important to ensure adequate data management mechanisms that take into account the quality and integrity of the data and guarantee legitimated access to the data.

Technical robustness and resilience

AI systems must be resilient and secure. In the event of a failure or complication, security must be maintained and the system must continue to operate accurately, reliably and reproducibly. That way, damage can be prevented or minimised.

Right to self-determination

AI systems help people to make informed decisions and promote their fundamental rights. To oversee these processes, approaches like, for example, human-in-the-loop, human-on-the-loop and human-in-command need to be established.

Browse the long version of the Leftshift One Ethics Policy.

Leftshift One Product

Leftshift One offers an all-purpose AI operating system called AIOS (“Artificial Intelligence Operating System”) as well as MLOps and Hyperautomation. Due to its many possible applications in multiple business areas, it is now established in numerous industries and satisfies many enthusiastic users.

Leftshift One Marketplace

The AI Operating System of Leftshift One is a modular operating system, so that it can be continuously adapted to one’s own company structure and active process operations. The individual modules (“AIOS Skills”) resemble plug-ins and can be obtained via the Leftshift One Marketplace.

Abbildung der AIOS Plattform mit einem Einblick zum Skills Store

Leftshift One Business Services: Our services

In line with the AIOS product, Leftshift One offers customised services and 24/7 support upon request.

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