Churn Prediction

Always having the right answer to customer needs strengthens loyalty in the long term

The “Why”

Strong customer loyalty relies on how well you know your customers. AI-based churn prediction lets you respond to their needs in a timely and sustainable way. Analyze needs, customer behavior, and communication to increase sales, minimize switching risks, and predict future desires. Provide a more efficient consulting service that benefits your business and customers alike.

Your Benefits

+30% more time for new customer appointments

-70% less churn

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-30% shorter preparation time for consultations

+30% more sales through up- & cross-selling


To gain insights and make predictions from historical data such as purchasing and customer behavior or customer communication, the data must first be available in digital form. It is not only essential that this information is prepared technically, but also that it is approved by the respective end customers in terms of data protection before it is used. Without GDPR-compliant approval, there can be no processing.

Churn Prediction 3.0

AI-based analysis of customer relationships can be used to identify patterns from many previously untapped data sources and thus gain insights that would not emerge without smart analysis. This method can also be used to anticipate market trends from Big Data. In addition, cyclical learning continuously improves the accuracy of AI models to predict customer behavior and needs even more precisely.

Business Value

  • Increased customer satisfaction

  • Tailored needs analysis

  • Stronger and longer customer loyalty

  • Structured work for sales staff

  • More time resources for employees

  • Increased internal target setting

  • Shorter reaction time to market trends

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Industries & Fields of Application


#transactions #opportunities #upselling

Always have an eye on the demand for loans, building society contracts or savings accounts, never miss an upselling opportunity for leasing offers, shares, or consumer loans.  


#customer_satisfaction #matching #closing_the_deal

Always match contribution margin and insurance type to your customers’ needs and prepare policies for all types of insurance according to customer preferences.

Solution. Through Composite AI.

Churn Prediction first uses so-called Connector Skills to extract data from a wide variety of sources. After an initial data analysis (structure, consistency, bias, etc.), the sources are combined and fed into AI models. These are further trained depending on the required functionality (e.g., a recommendation engine). Finally, the optimized Skills are combined to the final solution for live operation.

Skill 07

Time Series Analysis

Analyze data to predict the continuation of a series.

Skill 13

Secure Anonymization

Named Entity Masking (NEM) masks & safely obscures all personal data. Freely place and add to render anonymous data along your skill chain.

Skill 14

Data Synthetisation

Generate new data most similar to your example data. Widely used for the upsampling of ML training data, e.g. to discontinue data flaws like bias.

AIOS – The “How”

Implement the use case 5-10x faster with AIOS.

Leftshift One’s AIOS (AI Operating System) software enables you to benefit from churn prediction 5 to 10 times faster than with conventional software integration. The system uses the necessary pre-configured AI models in the internal marketplace to accomplish real-time condition monitoring and data analysis. AIOS transparently monitors this analysis process 24/7 via a clear dashboard.

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