Europe's first independent AI

respecting your freedom.


Artificial Intelligence Operating System

The first complete business AI on premise

Development and runtime environment at the same time. AIOS runs independently – in-house!

100% data sovereignty for your company

Only AIOS offers European security standards combined with unlimited freedom in development.

Scaling alongside your business by just pushing a button

More power? Just parallel-run models and accelerate your processes many times over.

Sentence structure and semantics

*Mc Donald’s Austria Online Recruiting Assistant

100% autonomous

Fastest way
to your own
AI solution

AIOS offers a completely autonomous AI dev environment - the end of insulated solutions

We invested countless hours in structure and usability to spare you complicated "do it yourself".

Get smart!

AI Operating System

Skills that will change your life

The whole world of artificial intelligence in one shop. Make your first step towards the future and choose the fitting tools for your tailored AI application.

Get smart!

Your data, skills and applications all in one place.





Business AI

Optimized where you allow it

Through neural networks the AIOS understands your business and models processes that push further.

Personal advisory
via video conference

If you want to learn all about the AI Operating System and its benefits for your enterprise, we will gladly arrange a meeting.

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