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Unlimited hyperautomation of business processes with AI plug-ins from AIOS

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Europe’s first independent AI operating system respecting your data sovereignty

Privacy by Design

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Leftshift One thinks artificial intelligence future-proof

AI should always be responsive to people’s needs and able to be deployed quickly, easily and with the greatest possible benefit for everyone. That is why Leftshift One has developed a data-secure, modular operating system for AI that enables AI solutions to be scaled as required in the shortest possible time, regardless of the area of application.

The Artificial Intelligence Operating System “AIOS” unfolds its full strength in a hand-in-hand symbiosis with humans and is easy to use thanks to intuitive UX design. In addition to symbiotic AI and the easy-to-use principle, privacy-by-design is the third cornerstone of Leftshift One’s vision. Through self-sufficient hosting and multiple encryption, AIOS guarantees its users 100% data sovereignty and data security.

Equally central to our vision is environmental responsibility. Thanks to 5-10 times faster project development and technologies such as Edge AI, AIOS operates in an environmentally friendly and resource-saving way.

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AI Operating System AIOS - The smart AI toolbox from Leftshift One

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Our AI Operating System is modular and offers ready-to-use plugins via the Marketplace (Skill Store). These include a wide variety of AI models (e.g. for NLP or OCR), predefined functions (e.g. weather data retrieval) and connectors to combine these elements with each other, with databases, with applications and with legacy systems.

The integrated BPMN2 process engine can be used to design and map any number of complex, smart software solutions for automation and optimisation along the entire value chain. Use it to combine machine learning, robotic process automation and business process management to create hyperautomation and open up new possibilities.

Business benefits - How your company benefits from AI made in Austria

With AIOS you benefit right from the start. In just a few weeks, we create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP/Pilot) together, ready for production. You will get to your AI solution 5-10 times faster than with previous methods, thanks to the fully operational plugins and to AIOS for covering the entire operations process

This means, you will save costs right from the start and continuously improve the ROI the longer you use AIOS. Not only due to the low maintenance and scaling costs, but because we empower you to run and expand your AI processes on your own. The AI solutions themselves also have a direct impact in the form of increased quality, reduced costs and/or increased production volume – simply increase productivity with AIOS.

In addition, AIOS enables you to explore entirely new data-driven business fields and increase the productivity of your employees in more valuable areas by automating repetitive tasks.

Versatile operating system for every business and every department

The generic architecture and the versatility of the countless AIOS plugins in the marketplace make the AI business software AIOS a multi-talent for all industries.

The AI Operating System can be used in any company and in any segment for fully automated connecting, smart control and optimisation of business processes. AIOS becomes a sustainable solution for all process issues thanks to its adaptable and easy-to-use AI toolbox. Traditional business sectors and innovative industries benefit equally from the use of Leftshift One’s Artificial Intelligence Operating System.

<Any company that wants to remain important must become an AI company.>

Siraj Khaliq, Venture Capitalist, IECT Summer School 2019

The "Operate" in "Operating System

AIOS covers all Machine Learning Operations (MLOps).

This means that all stakeholders in an AI project – data scientists, machine learning engineers, DevOps engineers and business analysts – can fully focus on their own core area. The AI Operating System almost magically orchestrates the interaction of plugins (Skills), interfaces and process engine automatically. Combined with an intuitive user interface, operating your AI solutions has never been easier. Deploy the desired Skills from the Marketplace into AIOS as required and create your customised AI application effortlessly in just a few clicks.

Abbildung der AIOS Plattform auf der das Kontrollzentrums zu sehen ist

Smart toolbox: Take on any challenge with plug-and-play functions

The right plugins (Skills) are available for every use case in the AIOS Marketplace (Skill Store).

Select the appropriate functions depending on the use case and get started with your AI solution in no time. AIOS Skills are divided into different types:

  • AI Skills – AI functionalities such as language understanding via NLP or image processing via OCR
  • Function Skills – Predefined tasks such as the retrieval of weather data
  • Connector Skills – Connecting Skills, databases, applications and legacy systems
  • Composite AI Skills – Ready-made combinations of several individual Skills

These components contain the answers to your business and processing questions.

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