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One instance for
AIOS execution
3 Concurrent Runs 1 Identity 2 Executions of Skills 1 Admin User Standard Support
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Unlimited & elastic computations with Kubernetes
10 Concurrent Runs 2 Identities 3 Executions of Skills 3 Admin User Online Training Access Silver Support
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Unlimited & elastic computations with Kubernetes
20 Concurrent Runs 3 Identities 5 Executions of Skills 5 Admin User Online Training Access Trustworthy Test Framework included Gold Support
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Unlimited & elastic computations with Kubernetes
individual Concurrent Runs individual Identities individual Executions of Skills individual Admin User Online Training Access Trustworthy Test Framework included Platinum Support
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Artificial Intelligence Operating System

The Artificial Intelligence Operating System (AIOS) is a software product made to host different Skills within a runtime environment.

Skills can be obtained through the Skill Marketplace. You can communicate with the system through defined interfaces (APIs).

The integrated workflow engine offers data import/export as well as communication with external applications. You can display a corresponding business logic and a training or deployment pipeline with this workflow engine.

Plan + Skill

Your plan defines the number of “Identities”, “Executions of Skills (ExS)”, “Concurrent Runs” and “Admin Users”. It determines the basic funtionality of AIOS and the monthly licence fee. An additional monthly licence fee for skills from the Skill Store must be paid, depending on size, complexity and the provider. You can run your own skills within the range of a plan or an individual order (ExS). You would need one “ExS” per skill.

Change Plan und Skill

Users have the option to switch from an “Individual Order” to a “Plan”, change their “Plan” or expand their plan by an “Individual Orders”. An upgrade is also possible at any time. However, a downgrade is only possible when meeting the according notice period or at the end of an agreed "Duration". Skills can be optained via the Skill Store to expand AIOS.  


Beginning and end of a "Duration" are determined by the first possible date of use of the software. The "Duration" is at least twelve months. AIOS can be expanded with skills at any time and they can be cancelled on a monthly basis.


Skills are software functionalities (Function-as-a-Service), that can be obtained via the Skill Store.

They accomplish a predefined task and can either be machine learning models, code functions or a combination of several individual skills (Compound Skills).

Execution of Skill  

The number of “Executions of Skills (ExS)” determines how many skills can be run within AIOS. You can expand AIOS with additional “ExS” at any time.

Concurrent Runs

The number of “Concurrent Runs” determines how many skills can be active in the runtime environment at the same time. E.g. two Concurrent Runs allow for one skill to be run twice at the same time as well as two different skills run parallel. AIOS can be expanded individually by additional Concurrent Runs at any time.


An "Identity" is a summarizing unit, that includes applied skills, workflows and functionalities for a certain cause in a functional and logic group.

Admin User 

An “Admin User” possesses access to the administration interface of AIOS. He or she has the rights to configure the following elements within the set circumstances: Access to the workflow engine to create and expand processes, as well as administer the skill pipeline for deployment, connecting and scaling. The “Admin User” can add and maintain skills and has access to the dashboard an AIOS Query to create reports.