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What are the use cases of AIOS? Experience Europe’s first independent operating system for artificial intelligence in action and let the versatility of AIOS plugins (“skills”) inspire you to create your own AI solutions.

One AIOS for every industry

Every company can develop a decisive competitive advantage through the use of artificial intelligence regardless of its industry.

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A human’s best friend speaks their tongue.

Quick, clear, intelligent: Smart digital assistants with conversational user interfaces are the future of human-computer-interaction.


Your data are your competitive advantage

There is unutilized knowledge in every enterprise. Due to AI you can turn data into success.


Satisfying service. Always. Everywhere.

Customer satisfaction is a top priority. Human and artificial intelligence together create the optimal service channel.


Preserve know-how for generations to come

What happens, if your most experienced people call it quits? Sustainable AI-based knowledge management is the solution.


Adress your customer’s needs unlike anyone else

Artificial Intelligence needs humans to generate knowledge from data. Only then it can support us with useful recommendations.


One step ahead of every maintenance

Surprise shutdowns, confusing manuals and no specialist in sight. Prevent this with AI-powered predictive maintenance.


Understand text like no one else

Generate a lead in knowledge for the decisive edge in competition.


A survey revolution

Ask precicsely and listen carefully. Gather maximum knowledge for smart recommendations with AI.


Practical solutions powered by AIOS plugins (skills)

Bullseye: For every use case, you will find the right components, so-called skills, in the Artificial Intelligence Operating System. From the AIOS Marketplace (“Skill Store”), you can quickly and easily select the appropriate plug & play functions for your personal AI solution and use them at once. With these skills, you can optimise and automate your entire value chain, regardless of whether you want to create your first AIOS application, expand your solution or connect existing systems to AIOS. In the integrated process engine, you can design and map business logics of every desired complexity.

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Our best white papers for download

A selection of Leftshift One white papers offer a detailed review of any of the use cases including all accompanying topics, circumstances, activities and approaches to each solution.