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Service Ticket Automation 

Maximize customer satisfaction with AI-based, case-closing ticket automation

The “Why”

Today, customer service departments at many companies are under immense pressure to deliver world-class customer service to an ever-increasing number of customer requests. This often results in support agents being burned out and unable to dedicate the appropriate amount of time to customers. To get customer satisfaction scores back up steadily, support ticket automation with artificial intelligence (AI) creates additional resources.

Benefits of Service Ticket Automation

+65% faster turnaround time on average tickets

-35% fewer tickets with incomplete information

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+43% more time per agent to handle complex tickets

8x higher customer satisfaction through better service


Our Service Ticket Automation is built on top of existing ticket management systems. This requires selecting and configuring a suitable AI plug-in to feed tickets from an email inbox into the AI solution. Further AI modules then take over the processes that can and should be automated, as desired. The ticket source can also be a connected web interface (Conversational UI/Digital Assistant) through which customers register their requests.

Next Level Service & Support

The AI takes on a variety of tasks – from completeness checks to fully automated case-closing processing of a ticket. Once the information is consistent, it also forwards requests to the responsible person based on the context. Requests for address changes, inquiries about order status, or similar routine cases are automatically solved by the system in full utilizing its direct connection to the database.

Business Value

  • Automatic queries to complete ticket information

  • Accurate routing of tickets to the appropriate departments

  • Automated response to routine inquiries (e.g. status of an order)

  • Case-closing processing of tickets (e.g. change of address)

  • Free agent resources for complex requests

  • Higher ticket volume

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Industries & Fields of Application


#serviceticketautomation #customer_requests #processing

Digital processing of customer requests for health, life, car insurance, etc. Processing of claims, reimbursement requests, changes to personal data, information requests, etc.


#service_automation #standard_tasks #handling

Automated processing of customer inquiries especially for account opening, loan inquiries, mortgages, personal data changes, and more.

Mobile Communication

#support #call-center #crm #service #automated_processing

Supporting call centers in service & support for network status queries, optional additional services, SIM card blocking, new customer contracts, etc.

Solution. Through Composite AI.

We use AI models that allow intent recognition within texts and automatically trigger rule-based follow-up processes or the responsible office for manual processing via a “recommender system”. Further, OCR skills will be connected to interpret unstructured data (scans). Ticket sources can be emails as well as methods of Human Computer Interaction (HCI) like digital assistants/conversational user interfaces.

Skill 08
AIDataInformation Retrieval

Human Computer Interaction

Enable interaction between humans & computers in a satisfying way that likens human-to-human interaction as, for instance, in open dialogues.

Skill 16

Semantic Search

Index any set of digital data and run semantic searches, i.e. search for word stems, single words or phrases, to get a listing of reoccurring tokens.

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Optical character recognition (OCR) is being used to extract a variety of info from digital data, e.g. to identify the characters on a license plate.

AIOS – The “How”

Implement the use case 5-10x faster with AIOS.

Leftshift One’s AIOS (AI Operating System) software enables “end-to-end” service ticket automation to be deployed 5 to 10 times faster. The system uses pre-configured AI models in the internal marketplace to intelligently automate all necessary process steps and manage the analysis of the required data. AIOS also ensures 24/7 operation and enables intelligent monitoring via its dashboard.

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