Enterprise Search

Conserved and aggregated knowledge available 24/7 in self-service

The “Why”

Enterprise Search aggregates know-how and information from all areas of a company and makes it available centrally 24/7. Everyday questions, previously covered by FAQs, as well as more complex, specialist problems can be solved in a flash with this AI-based knowledge management. Through “semantic search”, the system provides the appropriate answers and recommendations for action based on context.

Advantages of Enterprise Search

+50% faster problem resolution of customer inquiries

+300% more case-closing recommendations for action upon the first contact

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+45% higher ticket and support volume per time unit

+80% self-service  


To unleash the full potential of the solution, all information must be made available digitally to the AI system and, as a result, retrievable. Depending on the area of application, several entry vectors are necessary for this. Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) via Conversational User Interfaces (UI) is just as valuable as the analysis of documents and visual media via Optical Character Recognition (OCR) paired with Natural Language Understanding & Processing (NLU/NLP).

Knowledge Management of the Future

Enterprise Search is more than just a search engine. The solution preserves knowledge from various sources (e.g.: databases or documents), keeps it up to date in the proven symbiosis of humans and machines and, thus, sustainably and quickly supports with the know-how of generations that will never be lost. Information is always available and the system recognizes the core of a query even between the lines using semantic search.

Business Value

  • The knowledge is available 24/7 and always up-to-date

  • Context-based, automatic responses

  • Clarify problems and questions in self-service

  • Faster problem resolution

  • Free resources for employees

  • Increased productivity

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Industries and Areas of Application


#enterprise_search #knowledge_management

Make information from all departments of an educational institution (administration, IT, library, cafeteria, etc.) available centrally and/or in self-service.


#know-how #services #processes

Enterprise Search standalone to preserve and provide machine know-how or as a support element for maintenance (predictive maintenance) or internal service processes (administration, accounting, etc.).

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#big_data #classification #extracts

Interpretation of documents at Big Data scale to extract information, identify patterns, and make predictions on research results.

Solution. Through Composite AI.

We use AI models that process natural language (NLU/NLP) and analyze data in real-time to automatically suggest appropriate, context-based answers to search queries. These models recognize patterns, interpret documents or detect subtexts. In addition, HCI is used to communicate with the AI (Conversational AI) and to keep the database consistent through expert knowledge in parallel.

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AIDataInformation Retrieval

Human Computer Interaction

Enable interaction between humans & computers in a satisfying way that likens human-to-human interaction as, for instance, in open dialogues.

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Semantic Search

Index any set of digital data and run semantic searches, i.e. search for word stems, single words or phrases, to get a listing of reoccurring tokens.

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NLU – NLP – NER – Text Classification – Text Clustering

AIOS – The “How”

Implement the use case 5-10x faster with AIOS.

Leftshift One’s AIOS (AI Operating System) software enables case-closing enterprise search to be implemented 5 to 10 times faster. The system uses the pre-configured AI models in the internal marketplace to provide context-based matching information from a knowledge base in real time via semantic analysis. In parallel, AIOS offers HCI methods to keep information up-to-date and expand it through expert knowledge.

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