The Email Automation Technology of the future with AIOS by Leftshift One

Email Automation

Smart email hyperautomation for maximum customer satisfaction and productivity

The “Why”

Email Automation incl. semantic routing will get your customers the attention they deserve by protecting staff from a torrent of mails every day. This form of automation exceeds rule-based forwarding solutions. Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) it understands your company’s vernacular and can pre-process and route emails to the correct department or individual. Our solution does not only interpret emails, but also any attachments like PDFs, for example.

Your Benefits

+30% faster processing duration per email

90+% routing accuracy

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+35% increased processing volume per time unit

+40% automatic answers generated


Our solution architects will create an Email Process Definition Document (EPPD) with you, establishing the rules, exceptions, and scope. When the scope is defined, we help you to find the best way to “train” your AI model, either with historical data or have your staff train it on the fly. Once the data is labeled, we embed your custom model in the solution and integrate it into your systems, followed by extensive testing before the Go-live.

Email Automation 3.0

Because we train our generic AI models in your specific environment, we achieve the highest accuracy scores in the market. Our secure API integrates into all major CRM/ERP systems, helping you build a custom solution that suits your situation best. We want you to have the quickest time to business value. Even though we will build a tailor-made solution for your needs, we will do so in only 30 days.

Business Value

  • Increased customer satisfaction

  • 99,99% uptime

  • Organize your overflowing inboxes

  • Protect and store critical emails

  • Route sales inquiries to the correct sales representatives

  • Store customer communication where you need it most

Request AI Experts

We look forward to your questions on the use of artificial intelligence.

Industries & Fields of Application

First Level Support

#email automation #requests #routing

Automatically prepared answers for recurring requests. Key data of mails aggregated and automatically routed to responsible employees. End-to-end automation supporting staff and freeing up resources.


#automatised_offers #travelagents #customisation

Generate travel offers automatically so that travel agents only need to customize them to the personal needs of customers. Automatic answers to FAQs and directing requests to the right expert.

Solution. Through Composite AI.

We use AI models which analyze data in real-time and deliver the mails to the correct inbox or CRM based on a semantic analysis of its content. This includes attached data (PDFs, JPGs) which are analyzed as well through our OCR module. Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) the solution can automatically suggest fitting responses or aggregate relevant data from an email and provide them to the responsible staff.

Skill 05

AI Email Classification

Make time for what matters to your team. Have all your incoming emails classified, sorted and forwarded to the right person at once.

Skill 03
AIDataImage Recognition

AI Image Classification

Automatically classify images according to a certain scheme in the blink of an eye. Use this skill to make time for the tasks that really matter to you.

Skill 15

Neural Question Answering

Pose a question in Natural Language, have it automatically classified according to intent and finally get an intelligible answer.

AIOS – The “How”

Implement the use case 5-10x faster with AIOS.

Leftshift One’s AIOS (AI Operating System) software enables end-to-end Email Automation to be deployed 5 to 10 times faster. The system uses the necessary pre-configured AI models in the internal marketplace to perform real-time processing and semantic analysis of emails and their attachements. AIOS is a fully redundant Development, Staging and Production (AIOPS) environment with a guaranteed uptime of 99.99%.

How To Start A Project