Conversational User Interface (UI)

The future-proof evolution of the chatbot

The “Why”

A Conversational UI enables humans to have a smart conversation with an AI system via a wide variety of media (e.g.: speech, text, images) to solve problems. This Conversational AI retrieves all relevant information, understanding the core and context of the queries, and can, thus, propose tailored solutions through its database. The user interface visualizes suggestions and answers in the most meaningful form (e.g.: text, infographic).

Your Benefits

75% data consistency within requests

-50% shorter processing time

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+12% higher productivity

+45% more self-service


In the first step, all information that shall be processed via the Conversational User Interface must be digitized and made available to the system in an orderly fashion. Then, the necessary AI models for analyzing the different input options are configured and combined. Furthermore, the design and usability (e.g.: choice of end device) of the solution must be adapted to the respective use case.

Surpassing the limits of bots

Conversational UI/AI outperforms simple pattern matching or prefabricated responses of a click bot. The AI-based solution recognizes the true reason for a request from the semantic context of the input. In parallel, the symbiosis of human and machine practiced by Leftshift One ensures that expert knowledge is always fed back through this method of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) to optimize the underlying AI models.

Business Value

  • Case-closing conversations 

  • Faster problem solving 

  • Knowledge base always up-to-date through symbiotic AI

  • Query knowledge 24/7 clearly and conveniently

  • Higher user satisfaction through innovative UX design

  • Tailored support through context-based output

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Industries & Fields of Application


#conversational_ui #recommendations

Situational and customer-driven purchase recommendations through semantic analysis of the input. Enables case-closing, smart sales conversations through connecting eCommerce solutions.


#knowledge_management #monitoring #quality #maintenance

Supports maintenance and QA through intelligent knowledge management that can be accessed via a powerful interface. Even under challenging clean room conditions.  

First Level Support

#smart_database #saving_resources

Instead of retrieving the appropriate answer to questions and support tickets from FAQs, retrieve them from a smart knowledge database. Relief and free resources for service staff through increased self-service rate. 

Solution. Through Composite AI.

We use several different AI models that process a wide variety of data sources/media, extract information from them, and in turn suggest context-appropriate answers. The UX design of the solution is also central to this, to always clearly depict both user input and answers at a glance and to make it easy to operate the solution in the most diverse environments.

Skill 03
AIDataImage Recognition

AI Image Classification

Automatically classify images according to a certain scheme in the blink of an eye. Use this skill to make time for the tasks that really matter to you.

Skill 08


Optical character recognition (OCR) is being used to extract a variety of info from digital data, e.g. to identify the characters on a license plate.

Skill 06


NLU – NLP – NER – Text Classification – Text Clustering

AIOS – The “How”

Implement the use case 5-10x faster with AIOS.

Leftshift One’s AIOS (AI Operating System) software enables the simple, parallel operation of various AI models as well as the embedding of these functionalities in an interface adapted for Conversational AI. Due to the flexibility and the ready-made, necessary skills in the AIOS Marketplace, Conversational UI solutions go live 5 to 10 times faster than with conventional software approaches.

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