Cognitive Document Automation (CDA)

Business processes in unprecedented quality and with shorter processing time

The “Why”

With Cognitive Document Automation, you automate document processing, extract information even from unstructured data, and gain hidden insights – simply impossible without artificial intelligence. CDA scans all data in documents, emails, and email attachments using AI for each use case. This data is then structured which only then makes it ready to be processed further.

Your Advantages

-50% relief for administrators from routine tasks

-18% fewer processing errors

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-43% shorter processing time for business transactions

-35% fewer manual queries due to incomplete information


Before implementing CDA, it is important to identify the potential for automating business transactions within the current process structure. For the selected processes, it is important that a clear process specification either already exists or is developed before going live. Many companies also take a planned CDA implementation as an opportunity to gain clarity about their business processes.

True Hyperautomation

Manually reading out documents and attachments, including assigning them to the correct business transactions, requires a lot of effort from employees. Moreover, conventional automation systems are unable to deal with unstructured data. CDA combines Optical Character Recognition (OCR) with Artificial Intelligence (AI), freeing up resources by reducing the necessary manual effort and enabling intelligent end-to-end automation in parallel.

Business Value

  • Reduction of manual effort 

  • Free up staff resources for more complex tasks

  • Open entirely new automation possibilities

  • Faster throughput times

  • Improved quality

  • Increased productivity of employees and processes

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Industries & Fields of Application


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Automation of incoming email for customers. CDA assigns messages and attachments to the responsible departments or performs simple tasks automatically – e.g., address changes. 


#process_automation #doc_issueing

CDA (partially) automates business processes such as account creation, consumer loan approval, mortgage allocation, etc. Documents can be both prepared and processed through the solution.

Industrial companies


Automate communication with B2B customers (e.g.: quotation preparation, order placement, invoicing). Free clerks from repetitive tasks and create more time for customer service.

Solution. Through Composite AI.

We use modern text recognition solutions, which now do more than methods of automatic character recognition (pure OCR solutions), such as the translation of individual characters. In addition, we use context analysis methods such as Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR)  to correct the actual OCR results. 

Skill 08
AIDataInformation Retrieval

Human Computer Interaction

Enable interaction between humans & computers in a satisfying way that likens human-to-human interaction as, for instance, in open dialogues.

Skill 36

Smart Machine Translation

Render entire sentences intelligibly & quickly. Correspond with your markets in Europe and the world in 55+ standard languages from across the globe.

Skill 15

Neural Question Answering

Pose a question in Natural Language, have it automatically classified according to intent and finally get an intelligible answer.

AIOS – The “How”

Implement the use case 5-10x faster with AIOS.

Leftshift One’s AI Operating System enables a 5 to 10 times faster “end-to-end” implementation of Cognitive Document Automation. The internal Marketplace enables the user to select pre-configured models on a case-by-case basis, implementing data analysis as well as condition monitoring in real time. The system monitors the solution around the clock, providing all necessary information throughout.

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