The Skill principle: Combine AIOS plugins at your convenience

The modular architecture of Leftshift One’s AIOS operating system allows you to expand and continuously optimise your company’s AI solution as needed. The heart of it is the constantly growing library of ready-to-use AI plugins – we call them “Skills” – in the AIOS Marketplace (“Skill Store”). With this extensive modular system, you have almost endless possibilities at your disposal.

Skills introduce themselves

Skills are the individual modules combined within your solution. There are three types available:

  • Function Skills, which fulfil a specific task (e.g. provide geo and weather data).
  • Connector Skills, which connect databases, legacy systems and applications via various protocols and interfaces.
  • AI Skills that include AI functionalities such as speech recognition (NLP), image processing (e.g. OCR) or semantic analysis – already customised for specific application areas.

These small powerhouses can be used like plug-ins from the Marketplace (AIOS Skill Store) to extend the AI operating system AIOS with the functions you need straight away. This means that a machine learning model must not longer be built from scratch for each use case. Furthermore: The production-ready plugin even learns constantly while being used and thus becomes more and more precise.

Solutions from the AIOS Skill Store

Navigating the AIOS Skill Store is easy. The filter function helps you to quickly find the right AIOS Skill and activate it in your own AIOS. Helpful information and in-depth technical documentation can be accessed directly via links. Convenient handling in the AIOS Skill Store for your best AIOS day after day.

Skill 08
AIDataInformation RetrievalText

Human Computer Interaction

Enable interaction between humans & computers in a satisfying way that likens human-to-human interaction as, for instance, in open dialogues.

Skill 07
AIDataInformation Recognition

Predictive Quality

Use your data to be able to foreknow future trends or to influence likely outcomes. Bask in any of the incremental learning effects that come along.

Skill 06
AIDataInformation Retrieval

Predictive Maintainance

Always be in the know which parts need your attention next, e.g. replacing. Don’t sweat over it and get the cumbersome details done by this AI model.

Skill 05

AI Email Classification

Make time for what matters to your team. Have all your incoming emails classified, sorted and forwarded to the right person at once.

Skill 04
AIDataImage Recognition

AI Image Segmentation

A simple, fast and safe way to reduce images and their presentation down to the very pixel. E.g. employ this skill to easily locate objects and shapes.

Skill 03
AIDataImage Recognition

AI Image Classification

Automatically classify images according to a certain scheme in the blink of an eye. Use this skill to make time for the tasks that really matter to you.

Skill 02

AI Punctuation Annotation

Never worry again about your punctuation. Let this model work and have it place punctuation correctly for you. Makes writing so much more intriguing.

Skill 01

AI Language Detection

Switch on this model & in just a matter of seconds gain instant insight: Automatically detect which language(s) can be found in the text data at hand.

Skill 38

AI Text Classification

Automatically scan, skim and read random sets of text data and have them categorized thoroughly after a pre-defined set of topics, and subtopics even.

Skill 37

Zero-shot Topic Modeling

Start with this zero-shot model, i.e. no training necessary, to scan any text data and allocate them to a given set of topics. Works fast & reliably.

Skill 36

Smart Machine Translation

Render entire sentences intelligibly & quickly. Correspond with your markets in Europe and the world in 55+ standard languages from across the globe.

Skill 35
AIImage RecognitionText

AI Text-Image Similarity

Run text data against an existing set of image data and match them according to similarities a/o dissimilarities. Simply let this skill support you for maximum convenience.

Skill 34
AIDataImage Recognition

AI Image Similarity I

Compare images to existing data (e.g. text) semantically and determine the degree of similarity. Generate an image-based semantic search engine.

Skill 33

AI Text Similarity

Enable machine-aided comparison of written texts as per their semantical meaning. Learn to understand the degree of similarities even across languages.

Skill 31

AI Text Paraphrasing

Paraphrasing is a much needed authorial craft which can skillfully be executed by AI: Use the fast and easy way to semantically rephrase text passages.

Skill 30

AI Text Summarization

Automatically merge and summarize digital text data exceedingly fast to your liking. Define and adjust the degree of summarization, as you go.

Skill 29
AISpeech recognitionText

Speech-to-Text Conversion

Convert tokens of spoken language in audio sequences to written text smoothly and efficiently – save time & convert speech to text the smart way.

Skill 28

AI Image Style Transfer

With a little direction, work this skill to bring about style changes in pictures, be it an artist’s style you’re aiming for or of a certain period.

Skill 27
AIDataImage Recognition

AI Image Similarity II

Match pictures with each other contentwise to retrieve the degree of similarity. Employ this Skill to establish a semantic search engine for images.

Skill 26
AIImage RecognitionVisualisation

AI Image Upscaling

Swiftly change picture quality from low-resolution to high-resolution and do so fully without image degradation – a skill to have and to hold for good.

Skill 25
AIImage RecognitionVisualisation

AI Image Colorization

Use image colorization to colorize black and white pictures in a precise and magnificent way. This technique is fast and reliable.

Skill 24
AIDataInformation Retrieval

NER – Price

Apply AI-induced check & filter NER skill to sort and filter prices and get them confirmed against any set of data – by doing so remain competitive.

Skill 23
AIDataInformation Retrieval

NER – Duration

Retrieve bits of information about duration and compare them with duration information running in the background fast and safe by means of this NER.

Skill 22
AIDataInformation Retrieval

NER – Datetime

Check dates & times given by the requestee and run against the data in the background to get the requested response – NER skills can do that serenely.

Skill 21
AIDataInformation Retrieval

NER – Accommodation

Find suitable accommodation in no time by the help of this NER skill. Named Entity Recognition Skills are designed to quickly deliver requested info.

Skill 20
AIDataInformation Retrieval

NER – Business

Get business information fast out of your data with this Named Entity Recognition Skill. NER skills are made for the mechanic detection of information.

Skill 19
AIDataInformation Retrieval

NER – Person

Quickly gather all data related to persons with this Named Entity Recognition Skill. NER skills are deviced to find certain information in text data.

Skill 18
AIDataInformation Retrieval

NER – Location

Safely extract all data concerning location with this Named Entity Recognition Skill. NER skills are designed to extract particular info from a text.

Skill 17

Recommender Engine

Fully automated filter & predict in real-time which products, services, etc. may next be suggested to your customer to most likely meet their approval.

Skill 16

Semantic Search

Index any set of digital data and run semantic searches, i.e. search for word stems, single words or phrases, to get a listing of reoccurring tokens.

Skill 15

Neural Question Answering

Pose a question in Natural Language, have it automatically classified according to intent and finally get an intelligible answer.

Skill 14

Data Synthetisation

Generate new data most similar to your example data. Widely used for the upsampling of ML training data, e.g. to discontinue data flaws like bias.

Skill 13

Secure Anonymization

Named Entity Masking (NEM) masks & safely obscures all personal data. Freely place and add to render anonymous data along your skill chain.

Skill 12

Sentiment – Aspect-based

Conspicuous parts of text are being examined more closely in search of certain pre-defined verbal aspects, which are counted and reported accordingly.

Skill 11

Sentiment – Hatespeech

Analysis and report of written text, e.g. comments, according to fiercely negative modes, i.e. the automized detection and classification of hatred.

Skill 10

Sentiment – Ratings

Written product ratings can be read & categorized automatically according to a certain scheme, which then translates to number grades from 1 to 5.

Skill 09

Sentiment – Disposition

AI-induced way to browse written text & detect the underlying sentiment, i.e. the author’s disposition can range from negative, neutral to positive.

Skill 08


Optical character recognition (OCR) is being used to extract a variety of info from digital data, e.g. to identify the characters on a license plate.

Skill 07

Time Series Analysis

Analyze data to predict the continuation of a series.

Skill 06


NLU – NLP – NER – Text Classification – Text Clustering

Skill 05
AISpeech recognition


Speech-to-Text, Text-to-Speech

Skill 04
AIImage RecognitionOCR


Process visual media, transform images into text, Image Classifier, Image Segmentation, Image Style Transfer

Skill 03


Process “Big Data”, data-driven analysis

Skill 02


Interprete emotions from text, Sentiment Analysis

Skill 01

Conversational AI

AI-based Conversational User Interface

The right AIOS Skills for every business process

Process issues are often only handled when they occur. To ensure that you are always one step ahead of all requirements, a suitable AI Skill for every task is available and ready to go in AIOS. If required, these plugins extend the company’s AI solution module by module.

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A sustainable Artificial Intelligence solution with long term potential

Solution-oriented: AIOS puts an end to isolated solutions

The AI Operating System finally puts an end to isolated solutions and instead unites the world of artificial intelligence in your own personal AI ecosystem. To tap into the potential of AI-supported optimisation throughout your company, you can simply combine the appropriate skills from AIOS. Thus, you can easily create your own individual solution in the future. Long searches for capable software and laborious configuration of several components are now in the past.