Artificial Intelligence Operating System by Leftshift One

Next Level Usability

Everything under one roof

Organize, connect, manage, and deploy your AI skills fast and easily with our encompassing operating system for artificial intelligence. Perfectly orchestrated with a striking clear design and without any configuration work.

Connect everything

Display business logics faster

Combine your AI skills with each other, as well as with further legacy applications and systems. Our blazing fast workflow engine enables flexible modelling of processes, decision trees and sub routines.

Explainable & Trustworthy

Retraceable decisions

Explainable and trustworthy AI means traceable decisions and reliable results, even throughout ongoing trainings and optimization of skills. That is why our AIOS offers a particular testing framework and online training.

Uncompromised data sovereignty

Your data in your hands only

AIOS offers encoded databases and SSL with end-to-end encryption for maximum security and data sovereignty. We offer autonomous hosting either in a private cloud or "on-premises" in your own infrastructure.

Equipped with all capabilities to elevate your business

Skills are the heart and soul of AIOS. From simple text comprehension to complex data models.


Natural Language Understanding (NLU) - Textverständnis


Speech-to-Text, Text-to-Speech


Big Data, Data-driven Analysis

Explore all Skills

Personal advisory
via video conference

If you want to learn all about the AI Operating System and its benefits for your enterprise, we will gladly arrange a meeting.

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