Smart Process Automation with Next Generation AI

AIOS enables you to create new efficient processes by fusing numerous AI models and a cutting-edge business process engine. Implement them 5-10 times faster compared to traditional approaches and ensure your business has the competitive edge. 

IT helpdesk

-54% reduction in resolution time

Utility company

+60% increase of customer satisfaction

Restaurant chain

+300% increase of completed job applications 

At Leftshift One we offer Cognitive Process Automation. We believe AI is fundamental for successful process automation.

Most processes exist to answer the demand for intelligent decision making. Our AIOS provides you with the necessary tools to do that. The integration of different AI features with our powerful BPM engine helps organizations extend automation to all qualified processes. Utilizing AI, you can now also easily analyze, process and structure unstructured information such as customer interactions, images or big data in addition to structured content. This ensures resilient predictable automation.

Hyperautomation - the basics

Simply put, Robot Process Automation (RPA) enables the automation of repetitive, rule-based tasks. Artificial Intelligence (AI) uses mathematics, statistics and heuristics to recognise patterns in a wide variety of data and thus understands language or interprets Big Data and visual media. Business Process Management (BPM) links these two worlds with other databases or legacy systems and maps them into unified processes.

Human expertise is in no way replaced, but rather, thanks to the automation of repetitive tasks, is given more resources for more valuable tasks. You therefore benefit from a double increase in productivity by saving resources through the automation of simple processes and at the same time your employees can also work more productively.

Benefit & Business Value

The result of hyperautomation is more than just the sum of its parts. Because by combining the three areas – AI, RPA and BPM – problems, which the individual components do not yet cover on their own, can be tackled from now on.

Hyperautomation is a big, but extremely profitable step – and that doesn’t just mean the monetary aspects.

  • Flexibility
    Due to the use of different technologies, a wide variety of automation tasks can be flexibly implemented
  • Improved employee productivity
    By automating time-consuming tasks, employees are able to do more with fewer resources and take on more valuable tasks in organisations.
  • Integration
    Hyperautomation enables companies to integrate digital technologies into their processes and legacy systems.
  • Improved ROI
    Hyperautomation helps increase overall productivity while increasing revenue and reducing costs.

The AI Operating System: How AIOS enables Hyper­auto­mation

Leftshift One’s AI Operating System is designed to enable AI solutions of any complexity quickly and easily.

Therefore, all the components for hyperautomation are already included. The different modules/plug-ins, which we call “skills”, include both AI functionalities and so-called “connector skills”, with which databases, legacy systems and applications can be integrated into the solution.

In order to unite these elements, a clearly structured Business Process Engine (BPMN 2) is available in which all business processes can be designed and mapped. Our easy-to-use philosophy also enables you to create, expand and manage your solutions independently with these tools. AIOS automatically coordinates the individual components in the background.

Hyper­auto­mation Use Cases

Generate benefits along the entire value chain.

Thanks to the modular architecture of AIOS and the versatility of the AI plugins, you can hyper-automate processes in the most diverse areas of a company, depending on your needs. Pre-qualify emails, for example, and generate automatic recommendations for action and responses. Or optimise your production lines from creation to quality assurance. With AIOS, you can tap into the advantages of artificial intelligence in practically every sector and industry.

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