High-tech solution for IT support

Innovation alliance between Leftshift One and BearingPoint Austria revolutionizes the IT support desk.

Problems such as forgotten passwords and access rights that need to be assigned keep IT centers and service desks busy in almost every industry. A new innovation collaboration is providing a remedy. Leftshift One, a pioneer in artificial intelligence, is currently working with BearingPoint Austria, one of Austria’s largest management and technology consultancies, on an automated high-tech solution for support processes for the European market. Technologically, they focus on “hyperautomation“.

It is supposedly small IT problems such as forgotten passwords, missing access authorizations or the installation of new software that lead to enormous expenses: “The so-called IT helpdesk, which takes care of these problems, is a large cost block in many companies that can hardly be refinanced – and this despite the fact that about one third of all requests are recurring,” explains Patrick Ratheiser, CEO of Leftshift One.

The 40-strong team of the Graz-based high-tech company has therefore developed a solution based on the company’s own operating system for artificial intelligence, the “AIOS” (stands for Artifical Intelligence Operating System): “To be precise, this involves, for example, automatically recording mail requests, interpreting the content with the help of our text recognition available in AIOS and deriving the necessary measures from this – always based on the cognitive capabilities of our AIOS,” explains Leftshift One CTO Christian Weber.

This means that missing access rights to files are not only recognized in the mail, but also granted to the affected user in the next automation step. If necessary information is missing, the system automatically requests it.

Unstructured data input

Weber calls the AI-oriented process steps strung together “hyper automation”: “It goes beyond the automation of business processes. By combining core technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, hyper automation can dynamically automate processes – even for undocumented steps,” Weber explains. In the context of the IT help desk, this means that “not only are simple, repetitive requests solved very efficiently, but unstructured data can also be handled. Helpdesk staff can thus turn their attention to more value-added activities,” emphasizes CEO Ratheiser.

International high-tech cooperation

To help the technology gain international traction, international management and technology consultancy BearingPoint, with one of its technology hubs in Premstätten near Graz, is acting as a cooperation partner. “We see a very broad customer base across industries with similar problems that a modern AI-focused approach like this can efficiently address,” explains Markus Seme, one of the managing directors of BearingPoint Austria. Specifically, the group, which employs 4,600 people internationally (450 of them at the Premstätten site), plans to provide more support to its customers to optimize their business processes with AI-based solutions, such as the one provided by Leftshift One.

For reference, BearingPoint operates in 23 countries worldwide, with Europe as its core market. According to Seme, the need for end-to-end automation solutions, with integrated AI support, is huge: “Without exception, in all industries where there is IT support, a system like Leftshift-One’s, can help increase efficiency and productivity. Hyperautomation has a particular impact where a request leads not only to a response, but also to further action,” says Seme. The quality of the training data is particularly crucial for this: “Whether a query can be processed completely autonomously by a highly automated process or whether it can be handled most effectively by a support employee requires a precisely defined classification in advance, i.e. high-quality training data. Our task here is to combine specialist, consulting and technology expertise to ensure the best and most sustainable results.”

About BearingPoint Austria

BearingPoint Austria is one of the leading technology integrators with management consulting expertise in Austria. The internationally active management and technology consultant combines individual process optimization with the latest technical possibilities on the basis of customer-specific strategies. The Austrian technology site in Premstätten employs about 450 people, Austria-wide (including the headquarters in Vienna) more than 500.