AIOS from Leftshift One introduces itself

The Artificial Intelligence Operating System is Europe’s first independent operating system for artificial intelligence and hyperautomation. Based on AI, you can optimise and automate your business processes.

Composite AI meets MLOps

AIOS combines a toolbox of countless ready-to-use AI plug-ins with a workflow engine (BPMN) to create the perfect symbiosis of AI, machine learning operations (MLOps), robot process automation (RPA) and business process management – in brief, hyperautomation. Get the maximum out of every value chain in short time and at low cost.


The AI plug-ins can be deployed, operated, managed and scaled in the process engine to create applications of any complexity – and you are able to do it all by yourself. Thanks to hosting in a private cloud or on-premises, you retain 100% data sovereignty.

Explainable and trustworthy AI applications

The AI Operating System also provides explainable & trustworthy AI, for traceable and reliably consistent output of your machine learning models. Even online/incremental learning for continuous improvement of models during operation is possible and secured by the integrated test framework.

Abbildung der AIOS Plattform mit einem Einblick zum Skills Store

Top 7 AIOS business benefits

Every investment must pay off. With AIOS, you decide which processes in your company you want to redesign for future success. Reduce costs, increase quality, increase production volume and open up new data-driven business models. Discover your potential to sustainably optimise and automate business processes with a comprehensive operating system. Your AI solution scores not only through efficiency. It is also ready for use 5-10 times faster on the basis of AIOS than with conventional methods and, thus, saves costs to an unprecedented extent.

AIOS business benefits on display

For every challenge there is an AIOS plug-in

The plug-ins in AIOS offer a very wide range of solutions. Take the first step towards the future and choose suitable building blocks for your tailor-made AI application. The possibilities for the training and use of AIOS plug-ins are diverse, yet user-friendly and intuitive. The entire world of artificial intelligence in one operating system.

Abbildung der AIOS Plattform mit einem Einblick zum Skills Store

AIOS Architecture & Infrastructure

An operating system for AI has never been so simple and efficient.

Concentrate on the essentials (e.g. CPU, GPU, memory, etc.) – all components of AIOS are pre-configured and coordinated with each other. Easily select, configure and apply skills and connect to external databases and systems. Scale vertically and horizontally and run multiple ML models or microservices in parallel or in series. Balancing in serverless operation enables resource-saving data processing.

Grafik über die Architektur und Infrastruktur von AIOS
Mobile Ansicht von der Architektur und Infrastruktur von AIOS

<AI is not a question of choice, but a question of survival.>

Siraj Khaliq, Venture Capitalist, IECT Summer School 2019

Already trusting in AIOS

SMEs, manufacturing companies and international corporations have already committed to AIOS and are integrating more and more business units into the business process engine of their growing AI ecosystem. By now, the AIOS plug&play functions have already inspired many renowned customers and turned them into long-term AIOS users and beneficiaries.

Use AIOS: Procedure & cooperation, common steps.

Leftshift One enables customers to self-develop AI solutions based on AIOS. Therefore, before the actual project implementation starts with one of our certified partners, a potential analyses as well as technology and requirements workshops take place together on-site. A production-ready minimum viable product (mvp/pilot) usually emerges after 8 -12 weeks, which can then be developed further in live operation. The AI Operating System guarantees smooth operations of machine learning models and continuously monitors the mapped business processes.

8 weeks until your AIOS is running

AIOS contact persons

Behind AIOS is a constantly growing sales network, so that you can find the right contact person throughout Europe. Our certified partners are ready to plan and implement successful ventures with you. Leftshift One is always available as a competent contact for all questions regarding artificial intelligence.

Multi-talent AIOS at home in all industries

The versatility of AIOS allows the use of artificial intelligence in virtually any industry.

Every business pursues its own goals, serves specific processes and places corresponding demands on the systems used. AIOS addresses these challenges through individual set-up, scalability and a constantly growing selection of ready-to-use AI plug-ins. Thus, the operating system emerges as a true multi-talent.

Leftshift One
in Education

Whether in an operational, administrative or social context, artificial intelligence supports the education sector at all levels. Preserve knowledge, make know-how available in self-service or pre-classify tickets for case-closing processing.

Leftshift One
in Retail

Tailored consulting, satisfying customer experience and, of course, case-closing sales dialogs: AI assists both in front of the curtain and behind the scenes. For example, with stock levels or customer service.

Leftshift One
in Finance

Analyze portfolios and smartly adapt them to your strategy, automatically identify the “next best offer” or lower the customer churn rate. You are only an AIOS away.

Leftshift One
in Pharma

Quality assurance, validation & compliance are crucial areas in the pharmaceutical sector, which can reach a new dimension with artificial intelligence. Even more so in combination with Human Computer Interaction.

Leftshift One
in Production and Manufacturing

Predictive maintenance, smart quality management, or process optimization along the entire value chain: with the AI Operating System, you get the most out of every production.

Leftshift One
in Logistics

Make optimal use of resources, optimize delivery times and routes, or manage inventory levels smartly. The potential benefits of artificial intelligence for the logistics sector are as varied as the tasks involved.

Leftshift One
in Insurance

Address the precise needs of your clients with the support of artificial intelligence. Hyperautomate and optimize your internal processes at the same time for even more efficiency and improve customer loyalty in the long term as a result.

Leftshift One
in Energy

Whether it’s purchasing, sales or consumption, always think future-oriented when it comes to energy. Align the market and the needs of you and your customers through AI-powered optimization for the benefit of all.

Leftshift One
in Automotive

A successful automotive operation leaves nothing to chance. That’s why AIOS enables efficient AI solutions to optimize and automate the entire value chain – from sales to production to aftermarket.

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