The cost-benefit check: Quickly deploy the Advantages of AI and save Costs

For every business, artificial intelligence must deliver real added value. That’s why we take AIOS to task for your ROI. Our comparisons and calculations explain how an AI operating system can help you achieve a sustainable competitive advantage quickly and cost-efficiently.

What makes a good AIOS

Of course, the ideal AI operating system will increase your production volume, reduce costs or increase quality. But AIOS also accomplishes this faster and more cost-efficiently than other tools. In addition, it allows you to tap into previously unused, data-driven business potential. Because flexibility is the trump card, here: the AI plug-ins in the Marketplace are immediately available and can be exchanged in the process engine at any time or combined with each other for scaling. Coupled with intuitive UX design, AIOS ensures that business analysts, operations engineers, data scientists and software developers can focus on their core competencies. The operating system conducts the orchestra.

Users, Buisness Analysts, DevOps und Data Scientists – alle lieben AIOS

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What kind of ROI can be expected from AIOS

Calculations and projections based on real-time data show: The investment in AIOS leads to time and cost savings early on thanks to the fast implementation and further development through AI plugins, ready-to-use at any time. In addition to one-off savings, ongoing annual expenses also decrease so that you‘ll reach the ROI phase sooner. According to current data results, as an entrepreneur, you can expect to reach break-even 2-3 times faster.

Mit AIOS mehr Kosten sparen und 5-10-mal schneller sein

How long until the AIOS ROI kicks in?

After only a short time, the ROI phase really takes off with AIOS. The initial investment pays for itself in no-time and scores additional points in the long run with recurring and further cost reductions every year after implementation. Not least because of the easy scalability of the operating system, on the basis of which, without much extra effort, further modules can be added to the existing solution. Stand-alone AI projects cannot compete with this. Both, your improvements already achieved as well as your cumulative cash flow aren’t only maintained during the ROI phase, but keep improving continuously.

ROI Grafik über den jährlichen Verlauf mit AIOS und ohne AIOS

Artificial intelligence can generate enormous savings depending on the depth of application of AIOS as a business software. By enabling you as a customer to independently expand your solution with any number of machine learning models, you can achieve further benefits even faster.

AIOS takes over the entire operations process of your solution and, thus, already saves resources for your internal IT. In principle, it is possible to gradually support all of the company’s ongoing processes via AI plug-ins and embed them in one company-wide solution. Thanks to the shared database, the machine learning plug-ins improve continuously. In sum, this is the cornerstone for the profound, ongoing optimisations that keep improving your cash flow from year one onwards.

ROI and annual cash flow measured up against prior investments and resulting savings

The AIOS AI power at one glance

What is the secret behind the convincingly fast ROI and what makes this symbiosis between humans and the AI operating system so powerful? The operating system meets all the requirements for the operation of machine learning (MLOps) and brings AI plug-ins quickly into practical use. In doing so, AIOS reduces the time it takes to realise a project and thereby your costs. In addition, thanks to its architecture and intuitive operation, AIOS provides users with all the tools they need for autonomous hyperautomation. AIOS – an indispensable partner for automating and optimising business processes.

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